Trillion gigabytes of data are created each day.



43 trillion gigabytes of data will be created by 2020, a 300x increase from 10 years ago.



Hours of video watched every day on YouTube.



Modern cars now have over 100 sensors measuring everything from fuel levels to tyre pressure.


Turning data into Ta-dah!

89% of B2B marketing professionals believe data can make the difference to their efforts. However, only half are confident in its quality

We love making sense of it all. Creating order from chaos and doing something wonderful with it. Translating it into actionable insight. Whether we’re adding a personal touch to B2B communications or delivering the right content to nudge prospects along the funnel and optimise your search engine visibility, we’ll use data to build deeper connections with your business buyer audience

Why are insights important in business to business?

Insights are as important in B2B marketing as they are in B2C. They're a critical component of any robust marketing strategy and enable informed decisions to be made. Specifically, we can provide you with actionable:

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Gain a real-time view of all your business metrics in one central location.

Graymatter’s cloud dashboard solution gives you an unrivalled real-time view of all of your business metrics in one central location. Monitor the health of your marketing efforts, identify Identify areas for improvement and optimise activities in real time.

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