More about us

Launched in 1995, we’ve evolved over the past 24-years, but two things have never changed: a desire to stay independent and an understanding that what we do can help to create positive change that delivers results.

We help clients choose how best to invest their budgets to grow their business and have developed and road-tested a number of propriety methods & tools to help achieve this - enabling us to define what success looks like, deliver quick wins in markets going through significant transformation and drive continuous improvement based on actionable-insight.

At Graymatter, we invest in both our people and our business processes, which is why we have ISO 9001. This robust framework ensures our Account Management, Project Management and Quality Assurance teams deliver what we say we will, when we say we will with an ongoing focus on continuous improvement.

Meet our team

"...working alongside Dean and the rest of the team has been nothing short of a pleasure, and their impeccable service and attention to detail has ensured the delivery of high-quality work on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Graymatter to any company seeking expertise in strategic marketing."

James Fields-Davis | EMEA Product Marketing Manager | BSI