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LinkedIn launches Lead Gen Forms – hello accurate data!

Forms, the Marmite of marketing. You either love them or hate them. Myself, I love them...

Skynet, and the five myths of marketing automation

The term ‘marketing automation’ sounds a little robotic. Conjuring up images of Arnold Schwarzenegger...

10 Questions with... Simon Harrison

This week we spoke to Simon, Head of Design, to get his thoughts...

Complaint Vs Compliment. The sea of change in social

For many brands, the modern fear is watching a long list of complaints pop up on their social feeds.

Emojis don't sell cars

Lets start with "I am a huge fan of social and truly believe in its impact" but I see many brands chasing "millennials" to the cost of sales or engagement.

Is Marketing Automation the only way forward?

Our audiences are shattered into thousands, possibly millions of groups...

Should there be a Business Women's Day?

This week Thursday is International Business Women’s Day

10 Questions with... Dean Gray

At Graymatter Limited we know that people can make or break a company.

10 Questions with... Glenn Watkiss

We'd like to introduce you to Glenn Watkiss, our Conceptual Designer.